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Transmission Prices

If your transmission fails, it's not a Do-It-Yourself project and you need to get it repaired by a professional. The job requires physical "tools", the newest digital tools, plus a network of transmission specialists who collaborate on issues and share solutions and on-the-job experience. Repairing a vehicle's transmission also requires years of hands-on experience and knowledge of hundreds of different types of vehicles. All that factors into the price of transmission repair.

The price a transmission shop pays for a complete transmission is pretty much the same everywhere. If it's a brand-new transmission purchased from a car dealer's parts department, every shop will pay the same amount.

If the shop is rebuilding your tranny, instead of replacing the whole unit, the needed parts are bought from a local car dealership or ordered from a wholesale distributor. Again, every shop pays pretty much the same price for any particular part.

Don't get tricked into taking your car to a shop that offers a low-ball price. Since every shop pays the same price for new parts and about the same for labor, if the price you're being quoted is a lot less than other shops, they may be cutting corners somewhere. Take your car to several shops and get a realistic idea of what the price should be. Remember, no one can give you an honest quote without actually seeing your car and doing a test-drive.

Our shop in Sacramento can accommodate up to six vehicles at a time so we can get vehicles in and out as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to identify your transmission's problem, make the repairs right away and get you back on the road. Many auto dealerships send their customers to our transmission shop for repairs, rebuilds and even complete replacements, because transmission repair is a specialized field and most dealership service departments are simply not equipped for the job. If your tranny isn't working right, bring your car or truck into our shop today! We'll give you an honest price and treat you right!


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A test-drive is the best way for us to feel and hear what the transmission is doing, so that's where we suggest starting. There is no replacement for hands-on experience and professional diagnosis.

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